God is a Beetle

Germany | 80min | 2022

After studying graphic design, Aline is reluctantly starting her practical training as an art teacher. When her boyfriend leaves her on top of that, she runs off to live with her parents in the countryside. In this moment of crisis, she encounters a Catholic priest who is able to talk about faith outside of religion. Aline is intrigued, but remains critical. Benjamin is a student trainee at a major newspaper, but had always wanted to be a novelist. He’s disappointed with the way his life has turned out. Searching for a progressive side to Christianity, he hopes to find comfort and perhaps some new possibilities. Then Benjamin notices Aline in an Orthodox church in Munich and approaches her.


director, writer: Felix Herrmann
cinematographer: Rita Hajjar
producer: Eva-Maria Hartmann, Felix Herrmann, Seren Sahin, Aylin Kockler
editing: Mila Zhluktenko
sound: Cornelia Böhm, Diego Oliva, Lukas Röder, Daniel Asadi Faezi, Jakob Defant
production design: Lena Müller, Luisa Rauschert
costume design: Andrea Tzelepides

cast: Hassan Akkouch, Amelle Schwerk, Süheyla Ünlü, Jakob Defant


Filmfest München 2022 - category “new german cinema”

Nominated for “Förderpreis Neues Deutsches Kino”


Distribution: Benedetta Films