I love my #hairlegs

Germany | 1:30 Minutes | 2017

I LOVE MY #HAIRLEGS not only playfully celebrates the beauty of long hair on a woman's legs, but also the carefree feeling of loving something that is thought of as annoying or disgusting by others. Vivent les #hairlegs!


writer, director, editor: Camille Tricaud, Charlotte Funke, Mila Zhluktenko
producer: HFF Munich
cinematographer: Julia Swoboda, Bettina Sandhäger
music: Silvius Sonvilla
gaffer: Theresa Maue


Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg, 2017, Germany
Sehsüchte, 2017, Germany
Filmschoolfest Munich, 2017, Germany
Bimovie, 2017, Germany